Brush Strokes Art Studio

Where Creative Minds Color Outside The Lines


My Mission

I believe the best thing we can give our children is confidence and self esteem. Once a child holds this everything else falls into place like a puzzle. This is what I strive to do through teaching art.

I've created Brush Strokes Art Studio as a place for self expression. A quaint, peaceful, fun space for kids of all ages to come make friends, laugh, and create of their own choice, at their own pace. It's a place to go and get away for a couple hours from the chaos of everyday schedules. A place kids can relax, get lost in their own imagination, creativity, dreams, and make Art. Without dreams nothing is possible...

It gives me joy to see a child first come in and not know where to begin. Then by the course's end I see them grow so much as artists, they no longer look for my help and lead themselves intently with confidence into their next piece. Even the youngest of students just amaze me. I find my students can sit in one place for hours working on a piece and still not want to leave by the class end. This puts a smile on my face because it means I've accomplished just what I've set out to do by creating Brush Strokes... that's exactly what I'd hoped for it to be.

 Sandy Bova


About Me

I am an artist by nature. Growing up I'd sit for hours drawing and painting, making art. If I imagined it, I created it. I studied at Chamberlayne School of Design and then on to Mass College of Art. Over the years I've worked in fashion, photography, interior design, and the visual arts. I became a mom of 3 great boys which is my biggest and best accomplishment. I now have been introducing children to art and painting in the public schools, and realized how natural this has been for me. I love what I do. I love the children. I love making a difference... hence the creation of Brush Strokes Art Studio                           


My Vision

My vision for the future of Brush Strokes is to sister a program called 'Strokes of Hope- healing lives one stroke at a time'. With this is the strong need to combine my love and talent for the arts with my passion for advocating and nurturing of special needs children and teens with psychiatric and developmental disibilities. I want 'Strokes of Hope' to become a place of therapy; to become included as part of a treatment plan. To expose, nurture and heal through the arts; to foster confidence, courage and self-worth through art therapy. To empower these kids to see the gift of possibilities they hold within each of them; and with this comes inspiration and hope for a healing and positive future they all deserve.